First episode of raw

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The first episode of Raw was on January 11, 1993.

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Q: First episode of raw
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Where was raw 800th episode?

Raw 800th episode was at Tampa,Florida !

What episode number is Raw in season 7 on Law and Order SVU?

Raw is the 6th episode in the 7th season.

What year was the episode of raw?


Will Triple H be on raw 900 episode?


When is the 1000 episode of raw?

july 23rd 2012

What happended when Raw went off the air on Monday?

well,what episode of raw because there is a bunch of episodes

When is raw 1000th episode 2012?

23rd of july 2012

When is inazuma eleven episode 128 raw?

There is no episode 128 of Inazuma Eleven, but there is Inazuma Eleven Go! episodes.

What will do in raw 900th episode?

All WWE superstars and Divas can fight

On what episode of WWE raw did the hd set debut?

1st January 2008

Will the Anonymous GM be revealed on the 900th episode of Raw?

Maybe. It is highly possible

Who is comin to WWE raw on 21 2 11?

The undertaker is returning on that episode