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The first Kick Buttowski episode was "Dead Man's Drop"

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Q: What was the first episode of Kick Buttowski?
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What is the name of the episode of kick buttowski where they have a dance off?

dancing with the enemy

Does kick buttowski have a crush on scarlett rossetti?

Yes he does in the episode and action you can see his reaction to her.

Will there be a kick buttowski toy?

i couldn't find anything about a kick buttowski game,but it could've been cool if they made one.they have an online game of kick buttowski.

What is the cheat code for kick buttowski?


Is Kick buttowski long?

The show Kick Buttowski is only half an hour. Enjoy the 30 minutes of awesomeness!

How old is kick buttowski?

kick buttowski is around 12 years old, his best friend gunther is 11.

Who makes the voice of kick buttowski?

Charlie Schlatter is the voice actor that played the title character in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

Where can you find Kick Buttowski Free Gunther episode?

It'll probably be rerun on DisneyXD eventually. Keep checking your local listings.

Is Kick Buttowski Bald Or Not?

maybe,they haven't showed his real hair in any episodes,i guess he is,maybe that's why he doesn't take his helmet off,lol,he could be bald,but they really haven't showed the fans yet,so i don't know exactly.

Who plays as kick buttowski?

charlie schlatter

What color is Kick Buttowski's Hair?


How cute is brianna from kick buttowski?

Not so cute