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probably, he has people that do that for him.

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yes he does, according to an interview,it makes him very happy and inspires him :)

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Q: Dose Justin Bieber cheack his fan mail?
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Where douse Justin Bieber live and how do you send a measage to him?

Justin Bieber live in Georgia

Who is more famous Queen Elizabeth II or Justin Bieber?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II No dictionary results were found. Please try another search. See results for Her Majesty Queen on

How do you get Justin Bieber to get a new phone?

Justin Bieber's Official Fan Phone Number:A recording of Justin Bieber is available on his official fan phone number 1-855-588-9090 (toll free) or 1-289-588-9090.Justin Bieber's Official Fan Mail Address (this address is for letter writing):Island Records825 Eighth Avenue28th FloorNew York, NY 10019USAyes you can wright Justin bieber a fan letterYou can contact Justin Bieber through his official fan mail address or his official twitterJustins fan mail address:c/o Island Def Jam GroupWorldwide Plaza 825 8th Ave 28th FloorNew York, NY 10019USAJustins official twitter:@justinbieber

How can you send Justin Bieber a video?

There are a couple of safe ways for you to send Justin Bieber a picture of yourself.The best way is probably by sending him a letter with your picture to his fan mail address:Justin Bieberc/o Island Def Jam GroupWorldwide Plaza 825 8th Ave 28th FloorNew York, NY 10019USAAlternate Address:Justin BieberCreative Artists Agency, LLC(Talent Agency)162 5th Avenue6th FloorNew York, NY 10010USAAnother way is to post a picture on the wall of Justin Bieber's facebook fan page. His facebook link is below. That is the only facebook page he has available for fans; never ever ever send your picture to any other facebook account claiming to be Justin Bieber. He does not have a private account, no matter how convincing it looks, or how many "real" pictures he has on it.Another way is through twitter. His twitter link is below.Finally, if you wanted, you could make a video of yourself on youtube, and maybe he will see it, if you give him the link. (But he is unlikely to see it on youtube).And by the way NEVER send your picture over email. Justin Bieber does NOT have a confirmed public email address. Anyone claiming to be Justin Bieber is fake, so do not give out your picture over email. That is dangerous and stupid. The best way to guarantee that Justin Bieber gets your picture is to send it in fan mail to the addresses above.Justin Bieber's fan phone line does NOT get texts and cannot receive pictures. Justin Bieber does have a phone, but no one knows the number but his family and close friends. This means DO NOT ever send your picture to ANYONE'S number who says they're Justin Bieber. They're not.

What's the official fan mail address for justin Hartley?

is this the official fan mai, address? For justin hartley?:)

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How many fan mail does Justin Bieber get each day?

Justin Bieber, gets a lot of fan mail everyday. Actually, he gets more than 550 fan mail everyday.

What is Justin Bieber w mail?

your so stupid

When you send Justin bieber a letter what do you put in it?

...An envelope? See related questions for Justin Bieber's fan mail address.

Does Selena Gomez get hate mail for dating Justin Bieber?


What website do go to write Justin Bieber fan mail?

Justin Berber write fan mile

Can you wite to Justin Bieber?

You can get his fan mail address and write to him but you can not garentee he will write back I hope this helps and if you love Justin bieber then please visit

If you cant get on twitter or Facebook how can you talk to Justin Bieber?

You can send him fan mail.

Is Justin bieber getting hate mail for dating Selena Gomez?


Where do you mail stuff to Justin Bieber besides New York?

Stratford Ontario

How can you get Justin bieber to reply to the man mail you send him?

He can't because he is a pedofile

Where douse Justin Bieber live and how do you send a measage to him?

Justin Bieber live in Georgia

How can you talk to Justin bieber if you don't have a faceboo twitter or MySpace?

You can send him fan mail.