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I think this was in my fourth grade music book. I can only remember the first verse. It was my favorite song that year!

Oh, I am Dr. Ironbeard.

Twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom.

I'll cure your ills with healing art,

Twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom.

Oh, I can make the dumb to walk,

Twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom-boom-boom,

The lame to see, the blind to talk.

Twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom.

Sing toureay, sing toureay, twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom-boom-boom.

Sing toureay, sing toureay, twilly willy willy wit, boom-boom.

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Same here! It was noted as being a Pennsylvania Dutch song.

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Q: Doktor Eisenbart Doctor Ironbeard song
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