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he did have one called 'from backseats to bedrooms' but nothing happened with it, and hes gonna have a new one out soon called 'Southern Made, Hollywood Paid'

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Q: Does trace Cyrus have a clothing line?
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Where can you buy trace Cyrus clothing line?


What is new about trace Cyrus?

He got a clothing line at Kill brand. ( And he got a new facebook? (:

Where can you buy items from Trace Cyrus's clothing line?

On And his brand is called 'Southern Made Hollywood Paid'

Where is trace Cyrus right now?

Trace Cyrus is living in Hollywood. He is making new music with his new band Ashland HIGH, and his CD is out soon. He has also made a clothing line called 'Southern Made Hollywood Paid', that you can find on

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Is Trace Cyrus a girl?

Trace Cyrus is male

What is Miley Cyrus's product?

she doesn't have a product but she has a clothing line.

What do Trace and Branson Cyrus look like?

no trace Cyrus is a goth and branson Cyrus is cute CORRECTION: Trace Cyrus is NOT goth. I don't know what Trace Cyrus considers himself to be, but it isn't GOTH.