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well, he can cuss sometimes

but he prob says like crap or something which really isn't a "bad word"

but yeah no 1 ready EVERY SINGLE LYRIC of his songs sooo idk :D

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Q: Does the ready set cuss in their songs?
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Does the Ready Set band cuss?

Yes he does swear. In his interviews and he has mentioned a couple of times that he doesn't feel the need to swear in his songs unless he really needs the emphasis on what he is saying. But yes he swears just not like a sailor.

Does The Script cuss in their songs?

no no they do not.

Good Techno songs?

my fave techno songs are: love like woe -the ready set more than alive -the ready set young forever -the ready set scary monsters and nice sprites -skrillex hello -martin solveig & dragonette or pretty much any song from the ready set

Does Avril lavigne cuss in all of her songs?


Does Christina Perri cuss in any of her songs?


Does Taio Cruz cuss?

On some songs yes.

Does Miley Cyrus cuss in one of her songs?

no not at all

Does imagine dragons cuss in Night Visions?

No, none of the songs on either Night Vision or on Smoke + Mirrors cuss.

how much can i cuss in one of my songs?

6 times at least

Does Three Days Grace cuss?

Yes, Three Days Grace does cuss in a few songs on their first two albums, but on their current one, Life Starts Now, there are no cuss words.

Does Justin Bieber ever cuss in his songs?

No, I don't think so

Does Ashley Tisdale cuss in her songs?

no she would never do that she is a nice girl