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Q: Does Christina Perri cuss in any of her songs?
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Do any of Christina Perri's songs have swearing?

No, Christina Perri's songs do not contain any explicit language or swearing. Her music is known for its heartfelt and emotional lyrics.

What are some good heartbroken songs?

bluebird by christina perri or any song by adele...

Does anyone know of any other sad and insane songs that are like The Lonely by Christina Perri or Gollum's Song by Emiliana Torrini by other female artists besides the two mentioned?

try; Christina Perri - jar of hearts. Enrique iglesias - the ping pong song

Does Christina perri have any pets?

She has a dog,cat and a baby.Plus got married at 15 and is now 23.

Are there any famous people with the initials C P?

Famous persons with the initials C.P. include:Carson PalmerChazz Palminteri (the guy who came out on The Usual Suspects)CHRISTINA PERRI

What awards have Christina perri won?

Christina Perri has not won any major music awards, but she has been nominated for various awards such as MTV Video Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards. She is best known for her hit song "Jar of Hearts."

Where can you get the piano sheet music for jar of hearts by Christina perri?

You can get Sheet Music for just about any song at Beacocks Music Store

Does Christina perri have any brothers or sisters?

yes she dose have brother and sister and they are a bit older and younger.

Will Christina Aguilera make any songs?

She already produced lots of hit songs :)

Does Emily osment cuss on her CD?

No, there are not any swears in her songs. Unless you see "Damn" as a swear.

Does Hayley Williams curse?

I don't think so. I've never heard her say a cuss word in any of her songs, and I've never heard her say a cuss word in an interview or anything so I'm going to assume it's a no.

Is Katy perry and Christina perry sisters?

Though they do sound similar, Christina's last name is spelled Perri, and Katy's is spelled Perry.