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probably not, he makes his own special clay that explodes he probably can't taste it

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Q: Does the clay taste weird to deidara?
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Why does deidara say katsu?

Katsu (喝) is what Deidara says to detonate his exploding clay.

How did deidara kill his family?

Explosion of clay

Who did Deidara kiss?

No deidara is gay but tobi (obito) doesnt kiss deidara because he doesn't like him and he is not

What is deidara bio?

Deidara is a character from the manga and anime series "Naruto." He is a rogue ninja who is a member of the organization Akatsuki, known for his explosive clay creations that he uses in battle. Deidara has a unique fighting style that involves sculpting his clay into various forms and detonating them for destructive attacks.

Did Deidara blow up a clay model or himself?

deidara blows up a clay model of himself that has tiny clay bombs that implant themselfs inside anything that breaths them in (c4 karura) later he blows himself up in an attempt to kill sasuke (c5 selfdestruct)

Is Deidara still alive after he fought with Sasuke?

No, he died when he blew himself up using his CO level clay bomb. He used it as a last resort.

Why do you have a weird taste in your mouth after a nap?

because your are weird but don't worry I'm weird too.

Why did deidara have to die?

Deidara was fighting Sasuke who was trying to get to Itachi. Deidara had had enough of being beaten by Uchihas and turned himself into a C0 clay bomb by stuffing C0 chakra into the mouth on his chest and blowing up, committing suicide while exclaiming "ART IS A BANG!". Unfortunately, he was not successful, as Sasuke escaped and lived to defeat Itachi.

What does deidara say to detonate his clay?

Easy question to answer!!! (no affense) If you watch an episode with him in it you will totally see that he says "Katsu!" to detonate his clay. I think his explosions are quite artistic and awesome at the same time. "Katsu!"

What does the name Deidaras mean?

Dei means day Dara means flaw so it means dayflaw

Why does deidara have mouths on his hands?

Deidara has mouths on his hands because it gives him the ability to create explosive clay sculptures and control them through the mouths. It's a unique and powerful jutsu that he uses in battles to surprise and defeat his opponents.

Is deidara a boy or a girl?

Deidara is a man, not a girl!!! although i belive deidara is gay because deidara loves sasori and Tobi loves deidara