Does sharpay love ryan

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They are brother and sister.

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Q: Does sharpay love ryan
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Who is is older Ryan or sharpay?


Who is Sharpay Evans' brother?

Yes. Sharpay has a twin brother called Ryan.

Who wins the star dazzle award in hsm2?

Sharpay Evans

Derrick James is dating Eiza Gonzales?

Dear Gabriella, do you what to get the phone for 4 mouth l am so sorry sharpay and you l tell me and you telk to much you gave me phone you not to Ryan Phone to and you Ryan do not telk to sharpay l am so sorry to your borther to or my to l have go now cye: Ryan Love Anna

Birthday high schools muscal sharpay and Ryan are twim why do you said mean thinkbecause compuuter?

sharpay birday

What is sharpays last name?

Sharpay as in HSM? Sharpay, and her brother-Ryan's-last name was Evans. ~Maleeka Jones

Witch Wildcat secretly likes to bake?

Zeke Baylor, Would Love To Make The Perfect Creme Brulee On Day And Give It To Sharpay, He Cooks For Joy, And To win Sharpay's Heart With His Food, Especially His Cookies, But He Seems To Be Impressing Ryan More =]

How many minutes apart are Sharpay and Ryan Evans?

8 minutes

Is sharpay in love with troy?


Did troy say i love you to sharpay?


How many boyfriends has vanessa had?

Troy, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Taylor, Kelsie

Is sharpay going to be in HSM4?

yes,she is but their is a slight chance that troy,Gabriella,Ryan,chad,and Taylor might or not be in hsm4,but sharpay is going to be the drama assisant when ms.darbus is out