Does sesshomaru hug rin

Updated: 8/31/2023
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yes. Sesshomaru hugged Rin in the manga after she died when they went to hell to strengthen Tensaiga. And Sesshomaru's mother brought Rin back to life, when she saw Sesshomaru was sad and even crying, well technically Jaken cried for him. but you get the point. since Sesshomaru already used Tensaiga on Rin. he couldn't bring her back. he even said what's the point of strengthening Tensaiga if it cost Rin her life. i know all you needed was a yes or a no. but i just wanted to to tell you why.

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Im guessing ur talking about sesshoumaru in inuyasha, anyways yes, because sesshoumaru loves her more than most ppl like in inuyasha the final act episode 9 where sesshoumaru saves rin, and in the end of the show he keeps getting her new kimonos, but he doesnt sexually love her, that's just wrong

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they never kissed besides they dont love eachother

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Q: Does sesshomaru hug rin
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What is Sesshomaru's greatest desire?

sesshomaru greatest desire is rin

Is sesshomaru and rin in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel ds game?

yes sesshomaru and rin will be in the new moon cave

Did Sesshomaru name Rin?

No he didn't name her. Before Sesshomaru found Rin, she had a family, but they were killed by a band of thieves. When Sesshomaru found her, she was dead, but he brought her back to life :)

Does lord sesshomaru hurt rin?

Lord Sesshomaru never shows his feeling towards Rin, but he would never hurt Rin because he cares for her to much.

In which chapter of the Inuyasha Manga does Sesshomaru first meet Rin?

when Inuyasha first uses the wind scar successfully on Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru is warped by tensaiga to a forest where he meets Rin for the first time.

Who does sesshomaru-Sama love?


Does sesshomaru turn rin into an immortal?

No, in the end of the manga and anime Rin is human.

Can anyone like Rin and Sesshomaru as their favorite characters?

yes people can like Rin and Sesshomaru as favorite characters n Inuyasha! everyone has an opinion:3

What episode in InuYasha does Kagura kidnap Rin?

Episode 80: "Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin"

What happens between Sesshomaru and Rin in Inuyasha Season 8?

season 8 is almost the end of inuyasha until the new episode comes out which is 168 in September 2009 but in the end of the season sesshomaru comes to save rin when she gets kidnapped but the monks who hate demons save the other kid and rin but rin just sits there and waits until sesshomaru comes and when the monk asks her to come with him she was talking about how her lord which is sesshomaru will come to save her and sesshomaru heard her and soon the monks see sesshomaru and try to destroy him but sesshomarus demon powers are too much and the monks all faint while one monk tells rin not to go with the demon and soon rin runs off with sesshomaru.

Who likes rin?

Well, im not sure what your asking.... In the anime, Sesshomaru likes Rin, but they never fall in love, Sesshomaru treats her more like a daughter or a family member.

In episode 162 does Rin leave Shessomura?

no rin leaves sesshomaru in manga near the end but not in the anime