Does pb like Finn

Updated: 8/29/2023
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I think she does.Because in burning low she said "oh finn" maybe meaning that she does like him.So.Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't

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Q: Does pb like Finn
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Does Finn have a crush on Princess Bubblegum?

yes, Finn has a crush on Pb, he always has, but Pb never really shown interest in him accept for when she was 13 and in burning low. in the episode burning low, everyone thinks Pb is jealous of flame princess, in the end it showed she really WAS. in the same episode Finn got mad because Pb didn't want him to see flame princess anymore so he yelled at her saying "Pb i was.... i was in love with you." he said "was" meaning he doesn't still feel this way, but he was scared to say it and he blushed, so maybe he does still love her. there are other times after burning low that show Finn's feelings. in king worn, in his dream he was married to her, and in you made me, when lemon grab was going to attack Pb Finn jumped off the sealing and into the electrocuting, through the glass and jumped in the way. so i think Finn still loves her, but i think flame princess and Finn are better together.

Who does Finn from Adventure Time have a crush on?

Princess Bubble Gum or (PB) She reigns over the land of Ooom Princess Bubblegum was one of Finn's crushes, As of 2016 Finn and Flame Princess are no longer dating an Finn has not shown any signs of another crush

Is princess bubblegum jealous of flame princess?

Yes because PB likes is in the episode burning low.flame princess is with Finn.

How do you beat the flame king in Finn and Jake's epic quest?

Use all your Enchiridion pages effectes are Jakes Armor and PB paintworks

Does Finn like marcline from adventure time?

I think that the episodes Henchmen and Nightosphere should answer that question. Finn is shown hanging out with Marceline in her house, helping her out, etc, while Marceline is shown hanging out with Finn, and seems to want to be friends with him in Henchmen by messing with his mind and trying to get his attention. The answer is certainly yes.

What does Finn look like in real life?

how would finn look like in real life

Why do people draw pb and marceline kissing?

im guessing its because they are both Finn's "love interests".....and they are both complete opposites in every way so its interesting

Who was King Gumbald?

No one knows about him unless you have seen episode, Susan Strong, who PB said he cut down all the trees that the stumps needed to be cleared by Finn and Jake.

Who does Finn like Marceline or prinsess bubble gum?

finn likes princess bubblegum of course who else would he like

Does Finn like rachel?

he loves her

Does Finn like cheese?


Do most people like Finn or Puck better on Glee?

I like Finn better in general and I want him to be with Rachel, but I like Puck and Quinn better :)