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Finn Wischmann was born in 1918.

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Q: When was Finn Wischmann born?
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When did Finn Wischmann die?

Finn Wischmann died in 2011.

When was Marianne Wischmann born?

Marianne Wischmann was born on October 20, 1921, in Dsseldorf, Germany.

What is the birth name of Marianne Wischmann?

Marianne Wischmann's birth name is Marianne Ruth Wischmann.

When did Marianne Wischmann die?

Marianne Wischmann died on November 6, 2009, in Starnberg, Germany.

When was Finn Frandsen born?

Finn Bentzen was born in 1934, in Ringkbing, Denmark.

When was Finn Fuglestad born?

Finn Fuglestad was born in 1942.

When was Frank Finn born?

Frank Finn was born in 1868.

When was Finn O'Connor born?

Finn O'Connor was born in 1971.

When was Finn Iunker born?

Finn Iunker was born in 1969.

When was Finn Høffding born?

Finn Høffding was born in 1899.

When was Finn Gundersen born?

Finn Gundersen was born in 1933.

When was Jimmy Finn born?

Jimmy Finn was born in 1931.