Does naurto ever save Sasuke

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is less likely because Sasuke Uchiha is the BEST and Naruto will NEVER beat him!

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Q: Does naurto ever save Sasuke
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Sasuke kiss sakura yet in naurto?


Does naurto die?

answer: naruto how ever does die in the shippuden movie but the pretess sends her old self the message tus in the the future naruto uses full power rasengan and wins so he actuall never did die.

Did Sasuke and sakkkura kisssed?

Yes they did.After naurto deskizes himself as sasuke.IT was night time and sasuke and sakura were sitting on the bench and then they kissed.

Did Karin ever save Sasuke?

Karin healed Sasuke through him biting her arm and sucking her chakra while Taka was fighting Killer Bee.

Does naurto become hocoga?

*Hokage. And no, not yet. There is a chance he won't... Kishi (the creator of the series) said he could see Sasuke being Hokage.

Can Naruto save Sasuke?

Yes, he can. The question is how will he do it. I hope naruto can save sasuke

Is naurto gay?

Naruto is not gay, even if he has been portrayed by some people in their fanfictions. He actually even has a crush on Sakura, but he has accidently kissed Sasuke.

Does naurto love sakura?

Yes, naruto has had a crush on sakura since the beggining. No offense Naruto and Sakura fans but I think Naruto should be with Hinata and Sakura with Sasuke.

Does itachi ever come to save sasuke as he always promised?

they find each other in shippuden and yes they do have a fight to the death

Who is Naurto?

It a Ninja Man! ( he is a character from a anime/manga called naurto. )

Does Sakura ever stop liking Sasuke for Naruto?

No. She always loves Sasuke 4 ever

Does Sasuke ever like a girl?

no but there are girls who like sasuke!