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No, Harry does

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Q: Does nail from one direction sleep naked?
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Who likes to be naked from one direction?

Harry ofc ;) He sleeps naked

Does one direction walk around naked?

Harry likes getting naked

Who likes to be naked of one direction?


Is nail from One Direction Muslim?

no he is Christian

Can i sleep with one direction?

You can sleep in one direction, however most people toss and turn in the night.

Does Liam Payne sleep naked?

Yes. Fun fact: Harry and Louis went to sleep naked together one time. But yes Liam does

What member in one direction likes to be naked?

Harry Styles

Who loves being naked from one direction?

harry styles

Who in One Direction like being naked?

Harry Styles

Where do you get the new one direction nail polishs?

In The U.K you can get them from superdrug :)

What is nail last nae from one direction?

Niall Horan

Where does nail horn from one direction live right now?