Does mikey way smoke

Updated: 9/14/2023
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I have seen 2 sites that have said he does, but the rest said he doesn't.

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Q: Does mikey way smoke
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Does ray toro smoke?

no. gerard and frank smoke but toro and mikey dont

When is Mikey Way's Birthday?

Mikey Way's birthday is September 10 / 1980

What mikey way birthday?

Mikey Way's Birthday is September 10

What is Mikey Way's real name?

Mikey Way's real name is Michael James Way.

What is the birth name of Mikey Way?

Mikey Way's birth name is Michael James Way.

Is mikey way still married?

Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance is still married.

What s Mikey Way's middle name?

his middle name is James. Mikey (michael) James Way his middle name is James. Mikey (michael) James Way

Does Gerard pique have any brothers or sisters?

Gerard doesn't have a sister but his younger brother is Mikey Way. He's the basist for My Chemical Romance.

Are there brothers in My Chemical Romance?

Yes, there are. The two brothers are Gerard and Mikey Way. Gerard Way is the lead singer, and Mikey Way is the bass player. Mikey Way is the younger one of the two of them.

Are Gerald way and Milky Way brothers?

If you mean Mikey Way then yes, Gerard is Mikey's older brother.

Does Gerard love his brother mikey way?

Yes,Gerard Way loves his brother,Mikey.

When was mikey way from 'my chemical romance' born?

Mikey Way was born September 10, 1980