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HALF DEMON OF COURSE! she said that she likes him the way he is so of course she marries him when he is a half demon!

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Q: Does kagome marry inuyasha when he is a half demon or a human?
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Dose Kagome become a demon?

No. At the end of the series, Kagome is shown, still human, living in the Feudal Era as a priestess. She did marry InuYasha, so its up to YOU to decide how or if she becomes a half-demon.

Who will Inuyasha marry?


Did Kikyo marry Inuyasha?

No. Kagome and InuYasha did, sort of.

Who does Inuyasha marry when the series ends?

InuYasha marries Kagome

Did inuyacha marry kikyo?

Inuyasha didnt marry kikyo inuyasha marries kagome

Where does Inuyasha live with kagome when they marry?

Kaede's village.

What episode do inuyasha marry kagome?

in episode 26

In which episode does inuyasha ask kagome 2 marry him?

he doesn't

In what inuyasha episodes does someone want kagome to be their wife?

InuYasha was not wed in the anime. He did, however, marry Kagome in the last chapter of the manga.

What episodes does kagome get mad at inuyasha?

inuyasha and kagome don't get married yet in anime but they are married in manga version in chapter 558. kagome is trapped in her time for 3 years and is later reuided with inuyasha and lives in the past with her now husband inuyasha .

Did Kagome from Inuyasha marry inuyasha?

Yea, Kagome doesn't see inuyasha for 3 years, and she finishes High school. She goes to the well and somehow gets there, she sees inuyasha and she decides to stay there with him.. Then you see Sota with some of his friends, they say "Hey Sota, you got a pretty sister, right? Introduce us some time." Then Sota says "Na, she got *married* right after high school." Also, this is verified when Kagome calls sesshomaru "big brother" I Love that episode ^_^

What happens in the final act?

In Final Act Kagome and Inuyasha defeated Naraku. But then they had to fight the Sacred Jewel and kagome made the wish to make the Sacred Jewel to disappear forever. Then Kagome couldn't go back to Inuyasha's world. After 3 years (kagome graduate from high school) went back and marry Inuyasha and stay in that world forever.