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No she does not have kids

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Q: Does joanna page have children
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What is the birth name of Joanna Page?

Joanna Page's birth name is Joanna Louise Page.

When was Joanna Page born?

Joanna Page was born in 1978.

Does Joanna page have siblings?

No Joanna is an only child ;)

What are Joanna Page's hobbies?


Does Joanna Cole have children?

Joanna Colr is a famous children's author known for writing The Magic Schoolbus. She does not have children of her own.

Does Joanna Page speak welsh?


How old is Joanna Page?

Joanna Page is 39 years old (birthdate March 23, 1978).

Who stars in the boots chistmas advertisement?


Does Joanna Modes have Facebook?

i`m sure joanna has a facebook page but only for friends. all others are fakes

Who plays judy in the movie love actually?

Joanna Page.

What is Stacey out of gavin and Stacey real name?

Joanna Page.

What has the author Joanna Margaret Hill written?

Joanna Margaret Hill has written: 'Inspection of boarded-out children'