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Definitely Julie

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Q: Who is better Julie or joanna?
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Which name is better Lily or Julie?

Julie is a nice name but Lily is a nice name and i would go with Julie for the pretty amazing personality that a girl named Julie can have

What actors and actresses appeared in Nadger - 2010?

The cast of Nadger - 2010 includes: Russell Gomer as Sid Joanna Griffiths as Julie Nathan Sussex as Nadger

What movie and television projects has Julie Ann Dulude been in?

Julie Ann Dulude has: Played Joanna in "Between the Lines" in 2009. Performed in "Nam" in 2011. Performed in "Periods." in 2012. Performed in "Big City, Bright Lights" in 2013. Played Beth in "Lil Women" in 2013.

How tall is Joanna Garcia?

Joanna Borja is 5'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Joanna - 1985?

The cast of Joanna - 1985 includes: John Del Regno as Paulie Daniel Edward Mora as Petey Flowers Florence Halop as Mrs. Benson Larry Hankin as Little Joe Lou Jacobi as Rosenthal Larry Joshua as Dean Ron Karabatsos as Elvis Valentine Julie Payne as Sigourney Schultz Reni Santoni as Michael Braxton Cindy Williams as Joanna Weston

What are some girl names beginning with the letter j?

Girls names beginning with J:JackieJackyJacquelineJadeJasmineJennaJenniferJennyJewelsJessicaJillianJillJoanJoannaJoanneJohannaJuliaJulieJulissaJustine

What has the author Julie Reeves written?

Julie Reeves has written: 'For better, for worse?' -- subject(s): Christianity, Marriage, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Marriage

How do you spell Joanna in Tamil?

In Tamil, the name "Joanna" is spelled as ஜோஹன்னா.

Is joanna Garcia a blonde or burnette?

She is Blonde, but just last year she died it Burnetter! But i like the Blonde better on her!!

Is Julie the best name or is Nicole?

Julie is a way better name in my opinion it is prettier and it is more rare Nicole on the other hand is way to common and normal Julie OS OK. Nicole is classic, simple European elegance

What is joanna in Korean language?


What is Joanna in Hawaiian?

Joanna = Ioana