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at the begining of the story he does but then he focusses more on surviving and not so much on being rescued

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Q: Does jack want to be rescued from the island?
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What does jack want to do before they are rescued?

Jack wants to explore the island, find food and water sources, build shelter, and make a signal fire to attract rescuers.

Why doesn't jack want to be rescued?

Because he is a loner. And he is depressed so he want's to live on his own from now on.

Does jack merridew get rescued?

In William Golding's novel "Lord of the Flies," Jack Merridew is not rescued. He is the leader of the group of boys who become increasingly savage and violent on the island. By the end of the book, rescue arrives but Jack is not among those saved.

How is Ralph rescued?

Ralph is rescued in the novel "Lord of the Flies" when a naval officer arrives on the island after seeing the smoke from the fire. The officer finds Ralph hiding in the bushes and brings him back to civilization.

Why is Ralph so insistent that they will be rescued in lord of the flies?

Ralph remains insistent that they will be rescued in "Lord of the Flies" because he clings to the idea of order and civilization. This belief helps him maintain hope and a sense of purpose in the chaos of the island. It also allows him to draw the other boys together and provide them with a common goal to work towards.

Who sings that song rescued that goes like you prefer not to be rescued?

Jack's Mannequin - Rescued one of my most favorite songs

Where is Jack rescued from?

Davey Jones locker

What actors and actresses appeared in Rescued in Time - 1911?

The cast of Rescued in Time - 1911 includes: Harry Myers as Harry Jack Standing as Jack

In Lord of the Flies what is Jack's excuse?

Ralph wants to build huts but jack wants to hunt he says they need meat more than they need huts

How long did Karana live after she was rescued?

After Karana was rescued in the novel "Island of the Blue Dolphins," she lived for about 18 years on the island of Santa Catalina.

What did Jack's father do for a living in Lord of the Flies?

Jack Merridew's father is not mentioned in Lord of the Flies. The novel, written by William Golding, is about a group of boys stuck on a deserted island.

Did the cast of Gilligan's Island get rescued?

no, never. Yes they did, but not on the series. Three Gilligan's Island movies were later made in which the castaways are rescued, shipwrecked again, and then rescued again before Mr. Howell turnes the island into a vacation resort.