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yes............sasuke kill him.......... nope who ever wrote this is wrong Diedara killed him self with a bomb justu mmmgay say Mmmgay and try saying it like ur saying ok

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Q: Does deidara die before itatchi
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Is Itachi stronger than Jiraya?

yes and no itatchi and jiraiya both die pain kills jiraiya and sauskue kills itatchi so yes itatchi is more powerful.

Will Deidara tell Sasori about his love for him before they both die?

Sasori is already dead, I guess Deidara didn't get the time to tell him.

Does itatchi die if so what episode?

Itachi dies in episode 138 of Naruto Shippuden. ;-;

Does deidara die in Shippuden?


Does Deidara and Sasori die after Kabuto resurrects them?

Yes, they "die" again.

When does Sauske fight Deidara?

After sasuke kills orichimaru he goes and finds deidara by accident but it was also before he finds his team.

What characters do you unlock in naruto ninja destiny 2?

Naruto, kakashi, sakura, shikamaru, temari, gaara, sai, sasori(puppet), true form sasori, deidara,sasuke,itachi,kisame,kankaro. They are all the characters.

Does deidra die?

Yes, Deidara is killed in his battle with Sasuke.

Is deidara still alive?

Yes for now..... Sasuke has to kill him to get to Itachi to get revenge........ poor Deidara...... he almost won he just couldn't take it anymore and used his C4 to blow himself up....... : ( Deidara dies episode 115. Acually i believe Deidara is going to die when Sasuke kills Oruchimaru and then goes after Itachi after killing Deidara.

How old was Deidara before he died?

Deidara was nineteen when he died. His birthday is on May 5th. Source: Naruto Factbook Three Have a nice day^-^. -Yuki

Does itatchi have a girlfriend?

No, but he might have some fangirls!

Could itatchi beat madara?