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Yes he smokes American Spirit. and weed he went threw a faze wen all he did was smoke weed

[improved] he started smoking cigarettes when he was 14 and weed when he was 16. just Google the past by nevershoutnever. its in the lyrics!

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Q: Does chris drew from nevershoutnever smoke?
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When did nevershoutnever start their band?

Correction, HIS band. Nevershoutnever is just Chris Drew playing and singing.. Nevershoutnever started in September 2007.

Does cristofer drew from nevershoutnever smoke?

Yes he smokes American Spirit.

Who is the singer from nevershoutnever?

His real name is Christofer Drew Ingle, but sometimes he goes by just Chris Drew.

What is chris drew's eye color from nevershoutnever?

brown/green. kinda hazel i guess.

What is christopher drew of nevershoutnever's MySpace?

Who wrote happy by NeverShoutNever?

Cristopher Drew wrote it, who is the only person in Nevershoutnever.. Every songs by nevershoutnever, is writen by Cristopher Drew. He writes all of his songs.

Where is the band nevershoutnever from?

Christofer Drew is from Joplin, Missouri. He basically is nevershoutnever

What is the name of the lead singer of nevershoutnever?

The lead singer of NeverShoutNever is Christofer Drew Ingle.

What is one of nevershoutnever's favorite band?

Christofer Drew (Nevershoutnever!) is very inspired by the Beatles

What is NeverShoutNever's real name?

Christopher Drew

Did NeverSHoutNEver change his name?

nevershoutnever is also referred to as christofer drew (the main songwriter/guitarist/ukele-ist/harmonica-ist/lead singer) because he is obviously the most well known. but nevershoutnever is staying and the band name is staying also. sometimes it is referred to as "Never Shout Never" but fans usually just call it "nevershoutnever" or "nevershoutnever!" or "NeverShoutNever" or "NeverShoutNever!" hope this helps i love christofer drew/nevershoutnever :)

Who is the leader of NeverShoutNever?

Christofer Drew Ingle <3 :)