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No she does not.

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Q: Does catwoman wear a tail in Batman?
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Was Robin introduced in Batman Returns?

No. Batman Returns introduced the Penguin and Catwoman.

Does Catwoman love Batman?

Yes. She loves Batman/Bruce Wayne. From what it seems, there has been a mutual attraction from the very beginning since Batman #1. Catwoman is known as the femme fatale, but she was actually depicted as having genuine romantic feelings for Batman. She wasn't a lady that was just toying with Batman's emotions. She wasn't into killing people. Batman #1 - Batman let Catwoman get away. Well...Robin thought so. Batman clumsily bumped into Robin when Robin was trying to catch Catwoman from escaping off their boat. Batman was attracted to her. Batman #2 - Catwoman didn't want the Joker to poison Robin to death. Batman #3 - Catwoman kisses Batman and then pushes him to get get away. Was it from a romantic attraction or was it to get away from him? Well...the issue ended with her driving, wishing that Batman was driving and she was sitting beside him just as another boy and girl out for a ride on a moonlit night and that it would be sort of nice. This showed that Catwoman definitely had romantic feelings for Batman. Batman #10 - Catwoman kisses Batman for saving her life after a bad guy was going to shoot her. After she kisses him, she got away. Dick even said that Bruce wanted her to escape Batman #15 - Catwoman is in love with Bruce Wayne and actually wants to reform. Bruce Wayne takes advantage of that to try to get Catwoman to reform. Catwoman sees Bruce with another woman, and she gets suspicious. She pretends to be that same woman and talks to Bruce, and she comes to conclusion that Bruce doesn't love her and so returns to being her old self. Batman #39 - Catwoman saved Batman from getting shot by a crook when he was lying on the floor unconscious. Catwoman wonders why she saved him and she thinks that she's confused. Batman #47 - Catwoman kisses Batman when she's in a disguise in connection to a caper. Batman #62 - Catwoman saves Batman from the wall of a condemned building which led to her knocked unconscious. This is where it's revealed that she has amnesia. Catwoman helps as a police operative. Detective Comics #211 - Catwoman left a knife and silken cord in Batman's utlility belt, knowing that Batman would use it save his life. She had claimed that there was nothing in his utility belt. She had recommended the bad guys give him back his costume and utility. Batman knew that Catwoman actually helped him. Robin even told Batman that she's always been soft on Batman. Detective Comics #369 - The end of the issue shows Selina reading the paper about the new Bat-Girl. She says "She has her nerve trying to cut herself in on my man. I've known Batman a lot longer than that Jill-come-lately. If he belongs to anybody, he belongs to Catwoman." In her mind, Batman is her boyfriend. She obviously is in love with Batman and is very possessive of him. Batman #197 - Selina/Catwoman puts on a green costume for the first time. She competes with Batgirl for Batman's love by being a crimefighter too, making Batgirl look bad. She wants Batman to marry her and she even sets a trap for him and wants to get her to marry him. Damn...........ummm....Catwoman didn't seem like a femme fetale. She's more like fatal attraction (if I can't have Batman....nobody can), but she's not into killing. It's that her love for Batman makes her act irrationally and erratically. Batman says that Catwoman loves her. Robin responded by saying that everybody knew that except him. Batgirl told Catwoman that she wasn't even romantically interested in Batman. Catwoman was jealous and competed with Batgirl for nothing. Batman #256 - Bruce looks at picture of Catwoman/Selina in Batcave, and he says "Whenever I meet a woman that I care for, she's an enemy and that's my curse" I get the idea that Bob Kane actually created Catwoman to be a complicated love interest for Batman from the very beginning. It's very obvious when you read the comic book issues. She even shows an actual attraction to him by the 3rd issue. Batman showed an attraction to her in the first comic. There is some love-hate dynamic, but it's more love than hate. It's more about the fine line between love and hate. Batman wants to reform her. It also shows that Selina/Catwoman was in love with both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Throughout the history of comic book, There is a love-hate relationship with Batman. Catwoman is in love with Batman, but at the same time she hates him (or to put it more accurately) or is angry with him for getting in her way to foil her crimes. She never showed any desire to hurt or kill him to the point that she even saved his life from being killed by others numerous times. She also showed a certain possessiveness towards him. She also was in love with Bruce Wayne. She also has history of reforming but reverting. There has always been an ambiguity about her, and it's strongly connected to her feelings about Batman. The truth is Selina/Catwoman always was in love with Batman since the first Batman comics in 1940. Bob Kane made her to be a complicated love interest of Batman in that she was not only his enemy but also his would-be lover who tempted him not just out of mind games but of actual romantic feelings for him. This didn't even change when she was brought back after years of hiatus. Heck...even Batman acknowledged that Catwoman loved her by 1967, and it was stated that Robin and everybody else knew. It was just that Batman was too blind to see because of his own conflicted romantic feelings for Catwoman. I actually thought that Catwoman didn't have romantic feelings for Batman until the 1970s. I thought that she originated as a femme fatale to manipulate and tempt Batman without having any feelings for him. I was wrong. Now after going over the first Batman comics, Catwoman was actually created to be a complex villain with her romantic feelings for Batman and not into killing others. The tv show and early cartoons weren't that close to the actual Catwoman/Batman interaction. Well..the Julie Newmar Catwoman and Adam West Batman did show some typical Batman-Catwoman interaction. Julie Newmar played Catwoman as more of a tease and temptress. She didn't play a Catwoman that was actually in love with Batman. I didn't know that Catwoman had genuine feelings before the 1970's. From all the things that I read over the internet, there are different views and perceptions about Catwoman/Selina and her feelings about Batman/Bruce Wayne. Some write like Catwoman/Selina is such a femme fetale that she is just playing mind games with Batman. There is some that write that Catwoman is all about using her sexuality for a weapon and tempting Batman without having any feelings for Batman. There are some people that think that Catwoman/Selina doesn't have feelings for Bruce and that she has only has feelings for Batman. The early Batman cartoons and television series didn't really touch on the comic Batman-Catwoman interaction that much. However, there was some typical Bat/Cat interaction between Adam West and Julie Newmar in the series. It seemed to go away with Eartha Kitt in the role. BTAS showed a more accurate portrayal of Catwoman in regards to her being in love with Batman. However, they never showed her to be in love with Bruce Wayne. From the Batman Returns movie, I didn't get the impression that Catwoman had a romantic attraction to Batman. She seemed lethal to him when she stabbed him in the side. At least, there was a romantic dynamic between Selina and Bruce.

What are the enemies in batman dark knight rising?

Catwoman and Bane.

Is Batman better than Catwomen?

No. Captain America is stronger. You know that Captain America saved Catwoman from Clayface.

What role did Eartha Kitt play on the TV series Batman?


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What actors and actresses appeared in Batman vs. Catwoman - 2013?

The cast of Batman vs. Catwoman - 2013 includes: Arianny Celeste as Catwoman

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How do I be catwoman in batman arkham city?

You have to download and buy catwoman for the game.

Was halle berry in a Batman movie?

No. But she did play Catwoman in the 2004 movie Catwoman.

What was the name of the Batman film that Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman in?

Batman Returns. 1992 Catwoman was played by Michelle Pfeiffer

How old is catwoman?

Catwoman, Selina Kyle, first appeared in Batman #1, spring 1940.

Who are the villains in Batman returns?

the villains in batman returns are penguin and catwoman

What are the release dates for Batman vs- Catwoman - 2013?

Batman vs- Catwoman - 2013 was released on: USA: 10 June 2013 (internet)

Who played catwoman in the Batman movie?

In the 1966 Batman live-action movie, Lee Meriwether played Catwoman. This was a summer followup to the Batman TV show with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.

Who's favorite batman villian?


Who will win a one-on-one battle Batman or Catwoman?

Batman probably about 60% of the time. Batman has the strength and tools, but Catwoman could use her quickness and hand-to-hand combat to her advantage.

What are the release dates for Batman - 1966 The Catwoman Goeth - 2.34?

Batman - 1966 The Catwoman Goeth - 2.34 was released on: USA:29 December 1966