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No. Captain America is stronger. You know that Captain America saved Catwoman from Clayface.

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Catwoman is not stronger than Batman, however she is far more agile than him.

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Yes batman is better than catwomen

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Q: Is Batman better than Catwomen
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Where do you find the superheroes in Lego batman 2?

sipter man catwomen batman

What batman movies are catwomen in?

Batman Returns, Catwoman, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Who played catwomen in Batman returns?

Michelle Pfeiffer

Who is the best hero in the world?

BATMAN is awesome. I think Batman. Batman or Catwomen

How do you get catwomen on Lego batman?

beat the villain mission with her and the penguin

What is the name of the female villain in batman and robin?

Harley Quinn, Posion Ivy, and Catwomen

Is Catwoman the perfect match for Batman?

No not really because Catwomen is a very strange figure.

Is Batman better than transfomers?

Yes batman is better than transfomers.

Why is Batman better than iron man?

Because Iron Man is better than batman

Who is better than Batman?


Who is better Batman or Deadpool?

Batman. Batman is stronger than Deadpool and smarter. Batman's better than Deadpool. Deadpool can just shoot or fight crazy in order to win. Batman fights real serious. If Batman won, he'd fight serious.

How old is catwomen?

Catwoman appeared in the first issue of Batman comics in 1940, so the character has been around for 69 years.