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I can't tell you what scene in new moon that Bella finds out Jacobs secret but I can tell you the chapter name, number, and the page number, and paragraph number

Chapter- 12.Intruder


paragraph-9 or 10

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No, she finds out in New Moon because he turns into a werewolf in that book/movie (:

She actually finds out in the first movie, through a series of common deductions.

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Yeah, Jacob tells Billy everything

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Q: Does billy black know or find out Bella found out Jacob Blacks secret?
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What disease does Billy tell Bella Jacob has to delay her seeing him?

billy tells Bella he has mono

When charlie called billy about jacobwhat did billy tell him?

billy tells him that bella had been leading jacob on.

How does Billy Black persuade Jacob Black to talk to Bella at prom?

Billy Black tells Jacob that Bella would love to hear from him and that it could mean a lot to her to have him reach out. He also reminds Jacob that he has nothing to lose by reaching out to her, and encourages him to take a chance and reconnect with Bella at prom.

What is jacob blacks dads name in the movie twighlight?

His name is Billy Black(:

How many times did Billy Black visit Bella's house in the book?

Billy Black visited Bella's house twice in the book.

What page does Jacob come to Bella's school?

Page 425 - it's at the prom when Billy Black pays Jacob to tell Bella to keep away from Edward.

What was Jacob blacks dads name in twilight?

Bella's dad's name is Charley Swan. (played by Billy Burk in the movie) It is Charlie Swan.

Is Rene the first person to talk to Bella in the first movie?

No, Charlie is, then Billy and Jacob.

What book character does Edward Cullen dislike in Twilight?

Edward Cullen doesn't like Jacob because Jacob is a werewolf. Jacob also doesnt like Edward. Billy(Jacob dad) wants Bella to break up with Edward. Billy paid Jacob to go to Bella dance and talk to her about breaking up with Edward. Edward also doesnt like James. Who try to kill Bella in Twilight.

What does Bella ask Jacob when he is showing her how to drive the truck?

Bella asks Jacob if he could fix the truck for her.

In twilight did Bella's dad buy the truck from billy?

Yes, in Twilight, Bella's dad bought the truck from Billy Black, who is Jacob Black's father. Billy Black sold the truck to Charlie Swan for Bella's use in Forks.

Who warns Bella to stay away from the Cullens?

Jacobs dad tells Jacob to wanr Bella to stay away from the cullens Jacobs dad is billy