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In the original Hellsing anime, it is not said. She obviously cares about him quite a bit, but that could easily be platonic, or perhaps it is natural for a vampire fledgling to care for their master. However, there is no direct evidence that in the original anime Seras harbors any romantic feelings toward him.

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No not that I know of but she does rub her lower lip on his blood which was running down his lip

-The previous answer is wrong. The question is about the Hellsing OVA based on Hirano's manga. Hirano did not pictured the relationship between Alucard and Seras to be romantical. In OVA they don't do not kiss, or do anything romantical like that. This lip rubbing thing was in the TV series.

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NO, neither in the TV series, neither in the OVA and especially not in the manga. They DO. NOT. KISS. Their relationship is more like Master/apprentice or twisted father/daughter. Not romantical.

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That depend on what kind of feelings we talk about.

At the very start we can see that Seras is affraid of him, she is scared. She feels frustrated around him, because he is so powerful and dark and treats her like a stupid child, which we can understand. ( Hellsing OVA 1 and 2 - Seras is sweating and has wide, scared eyes all the time - sighs of frustration)

Still even though Alucard is mean, he tries to teach her about the new vampiric abilities she has now. And we can see that she trusts him more because of that, and begin to look at him as a teacher. But right after that, Seras' and Alucard's personality reaches a conflict. Seras is a police officer, wants to protect innocent and weak people. Alucard doesn't care about the weak, he kills the swat team, even though he could have done otherwise, but again, he claims that this was the only option in order to save themselves. Seras here both fears and respects Alucard. ( Hellsing OVA 3 and 4 - Seras is still affraid, but trust Alucard enough to tell him her own opinion on things )

After all the teaching Seras starts to accept Alucard the way he is, even though she is still affraid of him, despises him for being a bloodthirsty monster, she knows that her trust is well placed, because he feels responsible for her. After all Seras looks at him as a Father like character, something missing from her life since the death of her parents. ( Hellsing OVA 5 - 9 , Seras doesn't question Alucard's advises anymore, even though she is still hiding behind Integra, affraid of making "Daddy" angry with something )

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Q: Does alucard and seras ever kiss?
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Does alucard like seras Victoria?

No one is really sure, but they do have some type of close bond.

What is the relationship between alucard and seras Victoria in hellsing?

According to the manga and the interviews with the creator Kouta Hirano, theri relationship is "complicated". Seras is more like a human in heart, she serves Hellsing to protect innocent people. Alucard on the other hand is a "monster", he don't care about humans as long he can have a good fight. Still Seras despises and respects him at the same time. Father\daughter or master\servant both has been delied and accapted in the same time by the creator in an interview. Probably he don't wanted to upset any side of the fans. But since Hirano called the relationship between Integra ans Alucard "sick love", we can assume that if Seras and Alucard would be a romantic relationship he would have stated it. According to Hirano they are comarades or there can be a feeling of familyship

What happened in hellsing chapter eight?

In Chapter 8 of "Hellsing," Alucard faces off against Incognito in a fierce battle. Alucard reveals his true form and ultimately defeats Incognito, showcasing his full power as a vampire. The chapter highlights the intense and gory nature of the series, as well as Alucard's formidable abilities.

Is Alucard real?

Man, do I ever wish he were! :( But sadly, noooooooooooo..............................

Does alucard love seras?

Just as much you love your father or your favorite teacher

Is seras Victorias name seras or Victoria from the hellsing series?

her name is Seras.

How tall is Alucard from Hellsing?

Alucard's exact height is not specified in the anime or manga, but he is depicted as very tall, likely over 6 feet. He is typically shown as being significantly taller than other characters in the series.

What does the name alucard mean?

Alucard is Dracula backwords.

Does Alucard love Victoria?

No I don't think so... If you watch the Ova's and anime it never really explains why he bit her...There relationship is more like Master (Alucard) to Pupil (Seras) With Integra on the other hand, there relationship seems to be more here and there. Alucard has more respect for Integra, then Victoria...Some of the ways you can tell that He cares more for Integra is in a few of the episodes... Episode 9: When Alucard found out what happen to Integra he flipped out toward "Incognito" yelling..."What have you done!" Episode 10: You see the worry on his face when Integra was in surgery. Episode 11: That personally is my favorite episode because of how hr teases her. That is when he asks "Have you ever thought about asking me to drink your blood? Becoming more powerful than what you already are." Of course Integra get kinda of annoyed by his mind games and walks off. That is when Alucard asked in a sarcastic tone "Would you like a taste of my blood before you go?" Well hope that helps!

When was Alucard - Castlevania - created?

Alucard - Castlevania - was created in 1990.

When was Alucard - Hellsing - created?

Alucard - Hellsing - was created in 1997.

When was Seras Victoria created?

Seras Victoria was created in 1997.