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When the evil priest vampire held Victoria as a human shield, Alucard aked her if she was a virgin. After she embarrassingly shouted "yes", he shot her in the chest, and the bullet went through her and killed the priest vampire. Afterwards, Alucard went to her and bit her.

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Q: How did alucard turned Victoria into a vampire?
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What is a child that has been turned into a vampire?

In Eclipse, Bree Turner is a child who is turned into a vampire to be part of Victoria's vampire clan. Hope I answered your question! :)

Why Queen Victoria did she always wear black after her husbind died?

Because she'd turned into a vampire

Why does alucard turn into a girl?

He said himself that the form he take does not exert any special meaning or reason.

Does alucard like seras Victoria?

No one is really sure, but they do have some type of close bond.

What does the name alucard mean?

Alucard is Dracula backwords.

When Victoria found Bella and Edward camping what was the name of the vampire with her?

The name of the young vampire with Victoria was Riley.

How did Victoria get new born babies in eclipse if James is dead?

How she got them is by bitting them! She doesn't need another person to have a newborn vampire but if u do then she had them with the first guy his name is Riley. She turned him into a vampire first!

Where was Edward Cullen turned into a vampire?

He was turned into a vampire in a hospital because he was dying of the plauge

In what year was Jasper hale turned into a vampire?

Jasper Hale was turned into a vampire in 1863.

Can people actually be turned into a vampire?

It has not yet been proven if a human can be turned into a vampire.

When was Bella turned into a vampire?

In the last book, after the baby is born, she is turned fully into a vampire.