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The word Undertaker, which means a person, who supervises or conducts the preparation of the dead for burial and directs or arranges funerals. No, because Undertaker is a word of the English language.

As for the name Undertaker, I don't think so either. Maybe they own the name The Undertaker though.

Who knows and who cares anyway?

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Q: Does WWE own the name undertaker?
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Has the undertaker had any other wrestling name?

Not in wwe

Who is undertaker in WWE?

The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler. His real name is Mark William Calaway.

What is wwe's undertahers real name?

The Undertaker's real name is Mark Callaway

What is the WWE superstar under tacker real name?

The WWE superstar 'The Undertaker's' real name is Mark William Calaway

Is Undertaker fake?

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

What is the name of the WWE Superstar emerging from the smoke filled image in your WWE gallery?

Most Likely undertaker

What is UnderTaker's real name on WWE wrestling?

Mark William Calaway

How did Undertaker choose his name?

He got the name from the gimmick given to him by the storywriters in wwe/f

What is the Undertaker's first name WWE?

The Undertaker's First Name Is Mark But His Full Name Mark William Calaway If you want to find any information about Undertaker Himself go on Then Click on The Undertaker- Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

When will the undertaker be coming to the WWE agen?


Where is dead man really what happened to undertaker if there is no undertaker in WWE you will stop watching WWE?

He is in a coma

Will undertaker come to wwe?

The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon