Does Triple H own WWE

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Triple H is not the owner of WWE. However, he works backstage in the talent development department as an executive senior advisor. BUT it is widely predicted that he will take over from Vince Mcmahon whenever he retires.

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Q: Does Triple H own WWE
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When is Triple H coming out?

never triple h will one day own wwe

Is Triple H going to take over the WWE?

No triple h will not take over WWE

How many WWE champ Triple H has?

triple h has won a total of 20 wwe titles

When did Triple H start the WWE?

Triple H made his debut to WWE in March 24, 1992

Which is better Triple H or Chris Jericho?

Triple H Triple H because he has the wwe title!!!!!1

Is Triple H back on WWE 2011?

Yes, triple h is back :)

Will undertaker loose to Triple H?

No. If I had a guess this will be the last match ever for Triple H. He is a part of WWE coporate now even with his own office. The streak will continue.

Is WWE Triple H dead?


Where is Triple H in the WWE?


Is Triple H retiring WWE?

No he is not

Who is the WWE chamian?

Triple H

WHo is WWE CHamption?

triple h triple h -as of now (april 7) it is triple h ____________________________________________________________________ as of backlash randy orton