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Triple H is not injured that is just a storyline. He is filming a movie for WWE films right now and it rumored to return at Summerslam

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Q: How is Triple H injured in 2010?
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When will Triple H return after he got injured in extreme rules 2010?


Where is the Triple H?

He is injured.

Did Triple H retire from the WWE or get injured?


What happened to tripple H?

At extreme rules 2010, triple h had a match against sheamus and sheamus kicked triple h in the head 5 times. Now triple h is injured

Where is triple h now after wrestlemania 2011?


When is Triple H returning?

Late 2010,early 2011. triple h will return in time for wrestlemania 27 however triple h will not return in 2010. triple h has a torn tendon

Is Triple H comeing back to WWE?

nope he sure is not.....Late 2010 or 2011

Where did Triple H go?

Seamus injured him and he is currently recovering.

When will Triple H return to WWE after his fight with sheamus?

triple h will return to wwe he just got injured really bad

How is Triple H since shamus attacked him?

he was never injured they made it look like he was so he can film a movie he is expected back at summerslam 2010

Is Triple H injured?

Yes he was injured by Sheumus in Extreme Rules

What happend to Triple H?

triple h was injured filiming a movie but before that shemaus kicked him in the head and he was seriously hurt and he said he plans to return in January