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A friend of mine watches icarly alot, so one time we were on the phone and I asked her. She told me that in one of the episodes, Sam mentions tha,t when she was born her dad was in her life till she was 1. Then after she states that she changes the subject and says" Where is my salad".

actually that never happened... yo friend lied cuz i v watched every single 1 and that never happened...(:

Who cares. It's not tht serious so just 4get about it.

don't 4get about it i think he might of died or she might have not had a dad in the first place coz if she did she would talk about it unless he died then she would of said it only once in the first episiode so watch it and see

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Carly's dad is in the army and don't know what happen to her mom.

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It has never said anything about her dad on the show, but I believe that he divorced Sam's mom, or is dead.

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Sam doesn't have a dad on iCarly, she has a mom and her mom appeared in one episode.

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Q: Does Sam on iCarly have a dad?
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ICarly sam email adres?

There is no email for Sam on iCarly.

What is Sam off of iCarly name?

Jennette Mccurdy plays Sam on iCarly. And her name on icarly is Sam Pucket!

Where does Carlys dad off iCarly work?

On iCarly, Carlys dad is in the Army in Europe.

What does Sam do on iCarly?

She is the co-host of icarly. She also is a rebellious bully in high school that picks on '' Nubs". She is the twin of Melany Puckett. Her mom is Pam Puckett. Her dad isn't mentioned in the show.

What is iCarly's Sam's real name?

ICarly's Sam's real name is Jennet ( i think that is how you spell it)

What is sam race on iCarly?

Sam is white.

How old is sam when she is not in iCarly?

she was !"£$%^&*()_+=

Is sam from iCarly a Jew?


Is sam from iCarly Jewish?


What is Sam's name on iCarly?

The name of the actor that plays Sam is Jenette McCurdy, but in iCarly her name is Samantha Puckett.

Who is dating sam on icarly right now?

In the tv show icarly fredie is dating sam right now

What is sam from iCarly's real name?

Jennette McCurdy