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Sasuke Uchiha.

If you're talking about Pre-Shippuden, then yes, Sasuke Uchiha.


In Shippuden, Sakura's feelings for Sasuke diminish, because I think she realizes that he will never return those feelings. She realizes that he is too caught up in revenge. But Sakura has been showing more affection towards her new Team 7, and out of them, I'm pretty sure she cares about Naruto the most. In the manga, it showed that she confessed her love for him, even if it was only to get him to stop searching for Sasuke. I believe there was some truth in what she said, about her loving Naruto. Not in a romantic way, but more of a brotherly-sisterly way.

Well, nothing is set in stone, anything could change.

Sakura will always love Sasuke in some way but she loves Naruto like family maybe someday it will grow into something more.

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Sakura has loved Sasuke since childhood, and she still loves him, even after he "went bad".

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Masashi Kishimoto has not yet confirmed who Sakua will end up with.

However, most fans predict that she will either end up with Sasuke or Naruto.

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I hope Naruto. Well. Sasuke left the leaf village and even when they met again he wasn't interested in Sakura so I don't think she'll end up with him.

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Nobody so far

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Q: Does Sakura end up wtih Sasuke or Naruto?
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Who is Naruto first kiss?

Sakura doesn't love Naruto so why would she kiss someone she doesn't even like but in shippuden episode 206 she told Naruto she loved him in order to get him to come back to the leaf village but he saw threw her bulshitting she loves Sasuke but Sasuke doesn't even like sakura its all complicated the sires would be great is naruto and hinata ended up together and sasuke and sakura end up together but that's my opinion

Dose Sakura tell Naruto that she loves him for real?

probably not, but i want Naruto to end up with Hinata yes, she lied to protect him because shes gonna kill sasuke because she dosent want sasuke to live a life of evil and she didn't want to tell naruto because she didn't want to hurt his feelings and i know this is not what u want to hear but she don't love naruto in that way she loves him like a brother not like a boyfriend . Sakura is far from lying. But she did plan this so he could stop chasing Sasuke so she can poison him. Now highlight where it says "So he can stop chasing Sasuke so she can poison him". Why would she plan to kill Sasuke if she so call "loved him? Why would she care for Naruto's pain chasing Sasuke if she didn't love him? Sakura is worried about Naruto in this problem so much that she loves him. Sakura never liked truly loved Sasuke to begin with. She had a childish crush on him. She always put Naruto down like everyone else including Sasuke so she never cared if Naruto liked her cause she always to busy chasing Sasuke. But as time went by she gained more and more feelings for Naruto. She obviously chose Naruto over Sasuke's life and even if she lied about her feelings for Sasuke being that she loves him if she chosen Naruto over Sasuke she must have feelings for Naruto greater then the feelings for Sasuke. Witch means she is in love with Naruto. <3 :) sakura was not lieing she ment what she said proof sakura only wanted sasuke to notice her cuz naruto loves her now she wanted sasuke to love her as well she wanted them both to fall in love with her but sasuke never cared about her so she gave up on him cuz he is a criminal and u can also not love a criminal or els you might also get killed one day

Will naruto ever stop liking sakura?

There Is A Possibility That She Will Stop Loving Him And End Up With Naruto. It Seems She's Starting To Love Naruto.

Does Sasuke like Hinata?

i don't think that sasuke has even SPOKEN to hinata before! That pairing ain't gonna happen. True to the person above me but opposites do attract your right sasuke never met Hinata but opposites do attract to me. But its up to sasuke and sakura is a sweet girl to but I wanna see her hair grow back .. I think if sasuke had a chance he choose either their both equally beautiful and Naruto would get the other girl whether he like it or not cause sasuke said so.. Besides Hinata is a heiress I think Sasuke fight Naruto over a heiress to be soon... But its up to Sasuke who he wan't I know he likes sakura but this is my opinion.. not sure but i think it will never happen cause hinata likes naruto and sasuke well i want him to be with sakura but i have doubts that it wont happen sasuke loves sakura and naruto lves hinata that's the end of this battle!!! Ha.

On the show Naruto shippuden does Sai like Sakura?

Yes sakura does like him, but in the beginning she is just getting surprised by how strong naruto has become and how he is training to learn new jutsu's. Later you can tell that she is starting to like him bit by bit. Even so, in the end I think that naruto will end up with hinata because they make a perfect couple, while sakura will be a loner because sasuke will probably die in the end or just reject sakura like the last million times. LOLz

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Does Sasuke and Sakura end up together at the end of Naruto Shippuden?

No they do not.

Do naruto and sakura end up dating?

No. Sakura is too blinded by her feelings for Sasuke.

Does Naruto still like sakura in Naruto shippuden?

Yea, but he may end up with hinata, and sakura may end up with sasuke

Does sakura end up with sasuke in naruto shippuden?

Wait and see

Does Naruto marry Hinata or Sakura in the future by any chance?

Most likely yes, because i dont think naruto will marry sakura because she will end up having sasuke. I agree Hinata and Naruto Sasuke and Sakura or Sakura with Lee or Gaara

Does Sasuke Uchiha marry sakara?

No, Sasuke Uchiha does not marry Sakura Haruno. In the Naruto series, Sasuke and Sakura do end up together and have a daughter named Sarada, but they are not shown to be married.

Does sakura comes to Sasuke in the end?

There is no end in Naruto.....YET. So we don't know.

From beginning to end can you list all the battles that you do in Naruto Clash of Ninja 3's story mode?

Naruto & Iruka vs. Mizuki Naruto vs. Iruka Naruto vs. Sasuke Naruto vs. Sakura Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura vs. Kakashi Naruto & Sasuke vs. Haku

What happens to sasuke at the end of the naruto series?

He leaves to Orochimaru after fighting Naruto and ignoring Sakura's pleas

Does Naruto like hotaro in Naruto Shippuden?

No, Naruto actually doesn't. He likes Sakura. Who knows, anything could happen, sasuke can come back and sasuke and sakura end up and hinata and naruto could but so far, nope he doesn't.

Does Naruo marry Sakura or Hinata?

Sakura and Naruto end up together Sasuke sadly does not return to the Leaf Village

Does Sakura get with Naruto or Sasuke?

The show isn't over yet, so there really is no answer. Sakura is in love with both of them, but she will most likely end up with Naruto just because Sasuke will never love her the same way.