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Yes he is current,y with Draya from Basketball wives LA

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Yes he does. 2 sons.

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he's single

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Q: Does Raheem De Does Raheem DeVaughn have a girlfriend?
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Is William DeVaughn related to Raheem DeVaughn?


When was Raheem DeVaughn born?

Raheem DeVaughn was born on May 5, 1975 (in Newark, New Jersey).

When was Bulletproof - Raheem DeVaughn song - created?

Bulletproof - Raheem DeVaughn song - was created on 2009-09-22.

How old is Raheem DeVaughn?

Raheem DeVaughn is 42 years old (birthdate May 5, 1975).

Are William DeVaughn and Raheem DeVaughn related to each other?


What is Raheem Devaughn birthday?

May 6

Is Raheem Devaughn a Muslim?

definitely YES..Raheem is a Muslim Name..and He has got Muslim Roots..

Who is the girl in Raheem DeVaughn - Customer video?

Keyana Franklin

What are the release dates for Verses and Flow - 2011 Raheem DeVaughn 3-12?

Verses and Flow - 2011 Raheem DeVaughn 3-12 was released on: USA: 20 November 2013

What city was Raheem Devaughn born in?

He was born in Newark, New Jersey, United States.

Is Thug Drama related to Raheem Devaughn?

Thug Drama and Raheem Devaughn are childhood friends. Thug Drama has also produced songs for him, such as, "Desire", "You", "Guess Who Loves You More", and co-produced the sample from Curtis Mayfields' "The Other Side Of Town" , for the hit, "Bulletproof", featuring Ludacris.

What is the most famous album of Raheem Devaughn?

Raheem DeVaughn's most popular album that he became most famous for is, "Love Behind The Melody", released in 2008. He was nominated at the 2008 Grammy Awards as Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, for the single "Woman". Going on to win a number of awards in 2008 for his album.