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"Moments In Love (Quiet Storm Version)" by The Art Of Noise

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Earth Wind and Fire - Can't Hide Love

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Q: What song did raheem devaughn sample in guess who loves you more?
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Is Thug Drama related to Raheem Devaughn?

Thug Drama and Raheem Devaughn are childhood friends. Thug Drama has also produced songs for him, such as, "Desire", "You", "Guess Who Loves You More", and co-produced the sample from Curtis Mayfields' "The Other Side Of Town" , for the hit, "Bulletproof", featuring Ludacris.

Why doesn't Thug Drama appear in the music videos of the commercial songs that he produces?

Even though Thug Drama has produced several commercial releases for other artists, he does appear in Raheem Devaughn's, "Guess Who Loves You More" video. He is in the scenes where Raheem Devaughn is in front of the mirror, in the background with his manager, Kanika Dawkins. Thug Drama is very private.

Why does Thug Drama not appear in Johnny Gill's In The Mood Video?

Thug Drama does appear in the extended video of this song with the unnamed artist from one of his groups. Thug Drama is a private producer and is rarely seen in videos of the music he produces or co-produces, except Raheem Devaughn's, "Guess Who Loves You More". Thug Drama is a "Work for Hire" producer.

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