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Yes it does. And unfortunately there is not an option (that I'm aware) to skip such songs or at least make the listener aware.

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Q: Does Pandora play songs with swear words?
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A song will only play whole if Pandora allows the listener to.

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Pandora is an excellent choice for listening to music online. You can simply enter your favorite song or artist as a 'station'. Once entered, Pandora will play that song, and then begin to select other similar songs.

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I don't know what you like, so go on and make an account. Just make stations about songs you love and it plays song's with similarities. BUT it wont play songs on demand and it has commercials after a few songs, but you could upgrade to Pandora One. If you can live through 30 seconds of commercials every now and then instead of paying $$$ every month, right? I love Pandora; I found songs I never knew existed, but I love them.

Does Pandora play clean music?


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