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Yes,he does...

People think it's Amu or Rima but his actual love is **** I can't say her name....but she was his childhood friend , she is also a crossdresser,because in her family girls must crossdress to learn fighting.....she knows his secret,and she went away at the 4th grade,but they met again and he fell for her..........

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It hints a lot in the Manga of Shugo Chara that he has a think for Rima. xD

I think he's kind of over Amu.

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Q: Does Nagihiko have a secret love?
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Does Nagihiko from Shugo Chara love Amu?

Not in that dating/marrying way, but as a friend, yes she loves Amu. Nagihiko/Nadeshko is more of Amu's best friends than boyfriend.

Will the other guardians find out that Nagihiko is actually Nadeshiko?

I think so. Because Tadase and Kukai already knows, and Nagihiko/Nadeshiko doesn't look like he would like to keep it as secret to others. Plus, Rima finds out later in the anime and is asked to keep it a secret, for now.

Why does nagihiko always protects rima?

maybe nagihiko likes rima.

Why did Nadeshiko dress up like a guy?

Because nadeshiko is actually nagihiko , and nagihiko is a boy

What is nagihiko fujisaki gaurdian character in Shugo Chara?

Rythm And Temari (Spoiler! Nagihiko Fujisaki IS Nadeshiko)

How old is nagihiko?

13 years.

When does nagihiko become jack's chair?

Nagihiko becomes the jack's chair soon after Sanjo Kairi moves away to a different country.

Which episode from shugo chara has nagihiko in amu house?

In episode 62 , Nagihiko went to Amu's house with Rima :D ~ Hope it Helps :)

When do Nagihiko's eggs hatch in Shugo Chara Doki?

Well, Rhythm(Nagihiko's blue egg shugo chara)will hatch in Shugo Chara Doki episode 40, As for Temari(Nagihiko's pink egg shugo chara)will hatch at Shugo Chara Doki episode 47.

Are there any rima and nagihiko doujinshi?

there are only one

Who does Fujisaki nagihiko likes?

Hinamori Amu:) Because when Fujisaki Nagihiko is Fujisaki nadeshiko, she is amu bestfriend.And also, Amu is a kind, pretty girl.. Who don't like her?

When was A Secret Love created?

A Secret Love was created in 1979.