Does Monique DeBarge work

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She owns a production company as well as her own Green Cleaning Business that services homes, small businesses.

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Q: Does Monique DeBarge work
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How Long was El Debarge Married to Tracy?

No El Debarge is single and Divorced from his 3 wife Monique Debarge.

Is El DeBarge divorced from Monique DeBarge?

YESType your answer here... No they are Divorced. It's Monique not Monica. Monica is one of his baby's mama's

What is Monique Debarge nationality?

She is El DeBarges estranged wife.

Is el deBarge biracial?

Yes. He's African American, French, and English.

How old is Monique Mercure?

US singer Adrienne Monique Coleman Jordan is 37 years old (birthdate: November 13, 1980).

Was Janet Jackson married to el debarge or James?

no her husband was James Debarge not El Debarge

Who are the mothers of El DeBarge's children?

In order: Ex-Girlfriend, name unknown - one daughter, Adris (born when El was 17) First Wife, Bobbi - one son, El Debarge, Jr. Second Wife, Tracey Ferguson - two children, Joshua and Kendall, adopted by Tracey's 2nd husband Third Wife, Monique - four children, one step-child : daughters Jordan, Bobbie, Kennedy, son Zacariah. adopted son Tanen by Monique's ex-boyfriend. Ex-girlfriend Monica - twin boys: Nicholas and Noah Ex-Girlfriend-Melody Robinson (adopted)

What is the birth name of Bunny DeBarge?

Bunny DeBarge's birth name is Etterline DeBarge.

What is the birth name of Chico DeBarge?

Chico DeBarge's birth name is Johnathan DeBarge.

Who was the lead singer of debarge?

Eldra Patrick DeBarge (best known as El DeBarge)

Who was the parents of Sean debarge?

Barbara DeBarge (mother) &Robert DeBarge, Sr. (father)

What is the birth name of El DeBarge?

El DeBarge's birth name is Eldra DeBarge.