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Michael Ball doesn't have any children

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Q: Does Michael ball have children with one of his backing group?
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Is Michael ball sister to Zoe ball?

No, Michael Ball is not the brother of Zoe Ball. They are not related.

When did Michael le veil and Michael ball act together?

Michael Ball was in Corrie for two episodes

When was Michael Ball - album - created?

Michael Ball - album - was created in 1990.

Is Michael Ball related to Zoe Ball?

Yes, Michael Ball and Zoe Ball are half-siblings. Their father is television presenter Johnny Ball.

What is the duration of The Michael Ball Show?

The duration of The Michael Ball Show is 3600.0 seconds.

Is Zoe Ball sister to Michael Ball?


Is Michael Ball brother to Zoe Ball?


When was The Michael Ball Show created?

The Michael Ball Show was created on 2010-08-16.

When was Michael Ball - footballer - born?

Michael Ball - footballer - was born on 1979-10-02.

When did The Michael Ball Show end?

The Michael Ball Show ended on 2010-09-24.

A sentence with dispute in it?

The group of children started one large disputeabout who would play with the ball next.(Dispute=Argument)

What is Michael Ball's birthday?

David Ball is 52 years old (birthdate: May 3, 1959).