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Yes, Gwen does like Trent on Total Drama Island. On Total Drama Action and World Tour, Gwen doesn't like Trent anymore, but likes Duncan. Trent and Gwen break up in Total Drama Action and Duncan and Courtney break up also. Gwen and Duncan then become a couple.

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Courtney finds out in the next episode and breaks down. Then, Courtney gets Gwen out in a few episodes after she and Duncan break up by Courtney crying and dumping spaghetti on Duncan's head while he tries to apologize, but Courtney kicks him where it hurts. after Gwen goes, Courtney is the next person.

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Yes, she does. The whole thing started in TDA, when they were really good friends. In TDWT, right away, it was obvious that they liked eachother. When Duncan was eliminated in the first episode, Gwen seemed very sad. When Duncan came back, They kissed! They stayed very close and kissed again. Then Gwen got eliminated. In the aftermath, after they had both been eliminated, they were sitting together.

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There is no Max. Trent likes Gwen and so does Cody but Gwen only likes Trent. In Total Drama Action and World Tour, Gwen and Duncan like eachother. Trent and Gwen break up.

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Q: Does Max like Gwen from Total Drama Island?
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What would Gwen do with the money if she won Total Drama Island?

OK, maybe I forgot what Gwen said what she would do with the money. But I'll tell you this, her speech was really boring. ________________________________________________________________________ The Answer on the top is wrong she said "I would go to a university and study our history" She lives with her mom and little bro and she often cares for him as well as helping her mom out so she wants to use some of the money to help her mom and the rest for herself like going to uni!

What are the total drama action couples?

The Total Drama Island couples are: Duncan and Courtney Tyler and Lindsey Trent and Gwen Geoff and Bridgette Cody and Beth {maybe, they did kiss} Owen and Izzy Harold and LeShawna *Katie and Sadie like Justin. Cody likes Gwen. Ezekiel likes Bridgette. SPOILER: Justin starts to like Courtney in Total Drama Action. SPOILER: In Total Drama Action, though, there is a twist between Duncan, Gwen, and Trent. Trent and Gwen end up breaking up because Trent is throwing matches for her, and because he was creeping her out with the whole "9" thing. As a result, Trent got kicked off because of Gwen. Gwen and Duncan are seen flirting and Duncan wrestled her to the ground. SPOILER- in total drama world tour, Duncan and Gwen become a couple, Sierra has a major crush on Cody, and Heather and Alejandro like each other (they sort of become a couple)

How do they vote people off in total drama island?

Usually the other campers vote off the other campers but on some of the episodes the campers get kicked off automatically like in "thats off chain!"

Is Katie from total drama island black or white?

I could be wrong but she doesn’t look half Black half White to me. She doesn’t look like the half White half Black people I have seen in my life. I don’t know what Tom McGillis was intending her race to be but in my personal opinion I would mark her as β€œHispanic”.

Is duncan cheating on Courtney tda?

totally. he was getting to close to Gwen before Courtney was put back on the show. it is even hinted that Gwen mite even like duncan.

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Who does duncan like in total drama world tour?

Well, at first Duncan was with Courtney on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. In Total Drama Action, he and Gwen started to like eachother. In Total Drama World Tour they became a couple. So, in Total Drama World Tour, Duncan likes Gwen and hates Courtney because she was the reason Gwen was eliminated.

Who do you like on cartoon networks total drama island?

I like mostly Gwen, Lindsay and Beth.

Does Gwen like Ducan in Total Drama Action?

yes. they make out and everything

Does Duncan like Gwen in total drama action?

Yes! It is so obvious that they like eachother. They were always with eachother, Gwen picked Duncan first to be on her team, and Duncan cought Gwen when she almost fell. Plus many more times. They actually become a couple in Total Drama World Tour.

Who plays Geoff in total drama island?

geoff and bridgette like each other on total drama island and they both return for total drama action.

Total drama island cheats?

Sorry but, no one has created a video game of Total Drama Island. And you can't use cheat codes or anything like that on Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive.

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Does heather like someone on total drama island?

no one

Does Sierra like Cody?

on total drama island yes she does

How old is Gwen on total drama island?

June 17th. She and Ben have the same birthday.