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No, this rumor was started on Raven-Symone's Facebook fan page, but when asked about it on Twitter, he replied: "just been eating jack n the box every nite."

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Q: Does Mark Curry have Alzheimer's Disease?
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Can oxygen therapy cure alzheimers disease?

There is no cure for Alzheimers

What kind of behavior do people with Alzheimers disease have?

People with alzheimers forget peoples names, where they are, and what they are doing.

Do apples help with alzheimers disease?

No, probably not.

Is Niacinamide good to cure Alzheimers?

There is no cure for this disease.

Who is mark curry father?

Mark Curry's father is George Curry who passed away a few years ago.

What is Mark Curry's birthday?

Mark Curry was born on June 1, 1964.

When was Mark Curry born?

Mark Curry was born on June 1, 1964.

Is mark curry ill?

raven symone raising money for mark curry why?

What happens when you don't treat alzheimer's disease?

What happens when you don't treat Alzheimers disease

Where can i get more information about Alzheimers disease?

You can check out the Alzheimers Association for information or talk with your Grandmothers doctor. Alzheimers Association would have a check list of questions that you can use to talk with her doctor.

Where are some places that I may locate information on alzheimers disease?

You can find information on alzheimers disease from your local library, the internet and various support groups. It is best to start with the hospital they will have a wealth of information.

Why did Ronald Reagan died?

Ronald Regan died of Alzheimers disease