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He does die in Naruto Shippuden episode 159 but he comes back to life again later on in the manga chapters along with Hinata, Choza(Choji's dad) Shizune and many more. You can watch the episode on The name of the episode is Pain vs. Kakashi.

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I don't think sasuke will die. But you will have to wait until they actually battle sasuke might die if sakura helps naruto defeat him

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Q: Does Kakashi die in Naruto shipppuden?
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Why did kakashi die?

Kakashi didn't die. Pain might have killed him but when Naruto defeated Pain, Naruto resurrected Kakashi using some kind of resurrecting jutsu

Does saskue turn good in naruto shipppuden?

Not yet

Is there a 3rd Naruto shipppuden movie coming?

of course there is lol

What happen to Kakashi in naruto's last episode?

kakashi will die because he kill by sasuke and naruto kill sasuke then he become a hokege.just an imagination.

When is naruto shipppuden coming to tv?

its not yet known probably next year

Does Kakashi die in Naruto shippuuden?

Yes, but he is then resurrected by Pain.

Does Kakashi really die?

Kakashi is dead at first, but Pain resurrected him after he encountered Naruto with his real body.

Does Kakashi die on Naruto shippunden?

So far, he is still alive.

Does Kakashi in Naruto have a love interest?

Minato was like a farther to Kakashi when his farther passed away, so Kakashi probably feels like a brother to Naruto. Throughout the Naruto series Kakashi has always cared for Naruto.

In Naruto how did Rin from Kakashi's team die?

Not stated in manga. No one knows

Will naruto shipppuden to stores soon?

The manga for Naruto Shippuuden is already in stores. The anime, however, won't be in stores for at least 6 months.

Does Kakashi die on the show Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Kakashi does die during the battle against the Akatsuki. Although later Naruto manages to convince Pain to bring everyone back to life who died during the battle. So Kakashi is currently alive and breathing.