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no after 1st season it did not appear

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Q: Does Kai still have black dranzer?
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How does Kai lose Dranzer in Beyblade G Revolution?

Kai loses Dranzer in G Revolution because he is beaten in the match against Zeo, who takes Dranzer upon his victory. However, Dranzer is later returned to Kai by Tyson, when he beats Zeo in the finals. Actually Kai's beyblade falls apart after his match with Brooklyn in G-Revolution, and it seems that Dranzer is gone (Kai says "You're free"). However, it is seen that Dranzer is back with Kai in the last promised-friendly-match with Tyson.

Does kye still have dranzer beyblade?

Yes, KAI (not kye) still has his Dranzer even after his battle with Brooklyn (even though he tells Dranzer he's freed). He still has it because Dranzer is a Phoenix (mythical bird) and they are re-born from the ashes of their death. so Dranzer will pretty much not die at all, 'cause he can be re-born.

In which episode of beyblade did dranzer break?

kai's dranzer ms broke in episode 48 g revolution

What bey blade has the greatest attack and stamina?

kai's dranzer

Who is more powerful in Beyblade. Kai or Tyson?

i think tyson. He has a better connection with his beyblade than kai, which helps him alot in battle. Actually, it depends on how they have trained or believed in their blades. Oh well i think kai's black dranzer flash flame!

Does Kai still have his dranzer bit beast and Beyblade at the end of Beyblade G revolution?

yes he does at the end of last episode you can see him and Tyson battling and they both call out their beasts

What Beyblade is better dranzer g or dranzer gt?

on the overall dranzer g is better

Who would win if Kai used Black Dranzer against Ryuga and Lightning L-Drago?

no doubt that kai will loss aganst ryuga easily bcz ryugas bey is a forbiden bey which is stictly tell to not use it nd it spins left nd its the world"s powerfull bey meteo ldrago....

Can you get black dranzer in Beyblade super tournement battle?

everyone thinks im dumm but i say mabye u can get it.

What is the dark dranzer cheat in beyblade g revolution?

As of 2014, there is not a listed cheat for a Dark Dranzer for the game Beyblade G Revolution. This can only be unlocked with gameplay.

Does dranzer v2 the beyblade have a engine gear?

no, it has magnacore

Why is Mr Popo blue in the Dragonball Z Kai series?

No, he's still black and has red lips on nick toons; he is blue because they thinks black popo is racist.