Does Justin call Selena babe

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he did call her "babe" at the shopping centre, once and a fan recorded it.

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Q: Does Justin call Selena babe
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Is Justin bieber dating the girl he shot babe with?

No. He is now dating Selena Gomez:(

What do fans call Justin Bieber and Selena gomez?

Justin Bieber & Slutlena Hoemez.

Who did Justin Bieber call his first love?

Selena Gomez

Did Selena Gomez call Justin Bieber a badword?

Nope! Not at all. Actually, it's the opposite. Actually, Selena and Justin are dating. Shocking, right?

What does Justin Bieber wonder about?

Justin Bieber Does Not have a Girl friend Anymore Justin and Selena as they call Jelena Broke up!! :(

What celeb did Justin Bieber call a cutie?

I think Selena Gomez.

What is Selena Gomez's and Justin biebe rs couple nickname?

Some people call Justin and Selena different couple names, but the most common one is Jelena.

Does Selena Gomez calls Justin Bieber baby?

Of course Selena Gomez calls Justin Drew Bieber baby most of the couples call each other baby

What are the rumors about selena gomez and Justin Bieber?

That Justin got selena pregnant, Justin+Selena broke up .. none of these are true

Who is older justin bieber or Selena gomez?

Selena Gomez is older than Justin Bieber!

Did Selena Gomez call Justin Bieber a jerk?

Yes she did after their fight about getting more serious

Did Selena Gomez asked out Justin bieber or Justin bieber asked out Selena Gomez?

Justin bieber