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No he is not.

He is a shape shifter.

The difference between a shape shifter and at werewolf are these:

A shape shifter is able to control when to shape shift, while a werewolf only changes under the full moon.

A shape shifter can have the shape of anything, in this case a wolf, while a werewolf always looks like a mix between a wolf and a human.

A shape shifter are able to think and control itself while in wolf form, while a werewolf reacts only on instinct and don't / rarely remember anything afterwards.

A werewolf can only be killed, by being shot by a silver bullet, normal bullets have no effect. Silver is the only thing that can harm a werewolf, where as shape shifer might heal fast, but are way more mortal.

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Jacob has 2 sister twins actually.

they are twins? well anyways the one sister doesn't. she never really shows up in the books. but the other falls in love with one of the werewolfs so I'm sure they tell her about it.

yea Jacobs sister rachel i believe is her name well paul one of the werewolfs in the pack he is a the hot head of them a very big temper anyway he imprints on her so my guess is she no's its commin sense

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In Twilight he knew of the legends but he didn't know the legends were real which you find out in New Moon. In New Moon he becomes a werewolf because of the increase of vampires in the area. (The Cullen's had moved in 2 years previous) So basically he found out in New Moon. (Book wise)

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Bella's dad did not know Jacob was a werewolf until breaking dawn (breaking dawn pt 2 the movie). When he stripped in front of him and then transformed into a wolf in front of him somewhere in the woods and from then on bellas dad knew what was going on.

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No, it actually skipped his generation over to Jacob.

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Q: Does Jacob in Twilight saga tell his sister about werewolfs?
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What is the name of Jacob's sister in The Twilight Saga?

Rachel & Rebecca

Who are Rachel and Kim in The Twilight Saga?

In the Twilight Saga, Rachel is Jacob's older sister that Paul imprinted on, and Kim is the girl that had an unrequited crush on Jared until he became a werewolf and imprinted on her.

Who plays Sarah black in twilight?

Sara Black is only me tinned in the Twilight Saga books as Jacob's older sister. She is not in any of the movies.

Is Jacob bollon a vampire?

Jacob black is a werewolf in the twilight saga

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In twilight what year was Jacob Black born?

In the Twilight Saga Jacob Black was born in the year 1990.

What are Jacobs sisters names?

If the question is about the character Jacob from Twilight Saga then his sister's names are Rachel and Rebecca.

In the saga of twilight when is Jacob Black's birthday?

In the Twilight Saga: Offical Illustrated Guide His birthday is the 14th January 1990

Do Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kiss int The Twilight Saga?

Edward kisses Bella in all the twilight saga. Jacob was so close to kiss Bella in new moon!!!(TEAM JACOB RULES!!!)

Who is Jacob's mother in The Twilight Saga?

Sarah Black (deceased)

The coolest vamps ever from Twilight saga?

Jacob. (totally)

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Taylor Lautner