Does Inuyasha love Kogame

Updated: 8/28/2023
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They kiss a few times and at the end of the Final Act they get married.

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no he dosent but it has been implied in previous episodes. sorry idk the episodes.

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Yes he does love Kagome!

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Q: Does Inuyasha love Kogame
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Do Inuyasha and kogame ever have babies?

No but they do get married

Who does kagura from fruits baskets marry?

In Inuyasha the final acts, episode 26, after Kogames 3 year absence from the feudal era she returns. Kogame and Inuyasha gets married.

How hot is Inuyasha?

Depends! I love him!

Is inuyasha in love with kagome?

By looking at cannon evidence, one can conclude that yes, InuYasha does love Kagome, even if he has difficulty expressing it.

Will Inuyasha always love kikyo?

No because Kagome and InuYasha end up getting married

Do sesshomaro and Inuyasha have a mom?

If u go on you tube on inuyasha brother love it will show u

Do inuyasha and sango love each other?


What episode does Inuyasha love kagome?

all of them

What are the names of animes that involves a love story between a human and a demon?

Inuyasha (other than Inuyasha?)

Who does Inuyasha likes?

InuYasha was in love with Kikyo 50 yrs ago but due to Naraku's interference, Kikyo died while InuYasha was sealed to the Tree of Ages (or Sacred Tree). All in All Inuyasha is also in love with Kagome who is Kikyo's reincarnation. But In my opinion Inuyasha loves Kagome more then Kikyo (considering that's who he ends up with in InuYasha: The Final Act).

What is the best inuyasha episodes OR movie ever?

I LOVE the 2nd Movie because that is where Inuyasha and Kagome kiss!!!!!!!! <3

What do Kagome's family think of Inuyasha?

they think inuyasha is a nice demond/boy and they all love his dog ears ps. [kagome and inuyasha get married in the last of manga]