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He can play the Kazoo :))

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Q: Does Harry Styles do other than singing?
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What is harry styles other than british?

He is fully English

Is Harry Styles better than Niall Horan?

Harry Styles is cuter.

Does harry styles relay have 4 nipples?

Really * And yes he does but there smaller than the other two

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no, justin bieber is more famous that harry styles is.

Is gem ma older or younger than harry?

Gemma is older than Harry Styles

Who is Emma?

Harry Styles from One Direction is dating hennaarfan and I mean that looks wrong because I love Harry Styles more than her!!

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No, Harry Styles is better for someone that is a bit older than him and is more mature than a 12 year old girl.

Would Harry Styles be a good Leo Valdez?

I think so. I mean, just imagining. Have you seen Harry act? He's practically perfect in every way other than acting. His face and his body is perfect and his voice and his singing ability and his awkwardness and clumsiness and his talents and his entire being. Sorry, I rambled. But yeah I think Harry would portrait it well.

What is Harry Styles Favorite song from the album?

More than this...

What height does Harry Styles want his girlfriend to be?

shorter than him

What is harry styles favorite song of theres?

More Than This

Does harry styles has more than 30 tattoes?

No way!