Does Goku like bulma

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, him and Bulma grew up together. Bulma, (in DBZ Kai, when Goku and her are adults...) likes Vegeta and they end up getting married and have a kid named Trunks.

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No why would he

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Q: Does Goku like bulma
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When Goku was little why was bulma big?

Goku was 14 when Bulma was 16 Goku was short at that time

Who is older Bulma or Goku?

bulma is older

How does Goku feel about Vegeta and Bulma?

Goku was never shown commenting on Vegeta and Bulma's marriage; however, he seemed to approve and was genuinely happy for them.

Is bulma older than Goku?

Yes. During the Tournament Goku states that he is 12, four years younger than Bulma who is 16.

Did bulma raise Goku?

Yes, and No. Bulma was with Goku since he was a kid, and she was in her teens. She may have looked after Goku through their adventure, but I more or less think Goku passed values onto her because when they first meet Bulma is extremely selfish. As time goes on you see her slowly begin to become compassionate towards her friends.

When did vegeta date bulma?

after vegeta joined goku

What was Goku's reaction when he found out about Trunks' parents?

Goku was surprised that Vegeta was the father of Trunks (and so the wife of Bulma), but he was happy for Vegeta and Bulma and didn't think it was "bad."

Who is younger chi- chi or bulma?

Chi-Chi, she was a little girl when Goku and Bulma first met her in Dragonball, while Bulma was in her late teens

Is bulma beautiful?

Yes, bulma is in fact, beautiful, otherwise why goku, gohan and vegeta would tell her that if she wasn't.

Why is bulma evil in Dragon Ball gt?

no she just has a temper like goku's wife.

Does any of the dragonballz characters not die?

yes chi chi goku's wife, pan goku's grandaughter, master roshi bulma, gohan, trunks, bulla bulma's daughter, goten goku's second son, mr. hecule satan, and videl gohan's wife.

What episode of Dragonball do bulma and yamcha get together?

Yamcha and bulma get together right after goku turns into a great ape in i think ....Episode...... 10