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sadly yes he does

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Q: Does Edward from Twilight have chest hair?
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What does Edward compare Bellas hair to in twilight?

rich brown silk

What color is mike's hair in twilight?

Dirty Blond (i think) It is spiky in twilight but in new moon he tries to copy Edward but can not!!

Why does Bella from Twilight hold her chest?

Because She's Mental(: but really because she misses edward and her heart hurts. she dumb like that:)

Of louise gowers supposedly a mistress of edward the seventh?

edward is from twilight and he is hot edward is from twilight and he is hot

What is Bella Swan's favorite shampoo scent in twilight?

well in twilight the book she was by Edward when she said her hair smells like her favorite shampoo which smells like strawberry

Who is Edward Cullan in twilight?


Who would win in a fight Edward from Twilight or Edward James Olmos?

In my personal opinion, it would be Edward from Twilight.

Why is your chest hairy but your hair is not?

Because "hair" is hair ... and having lots of chest hair makes for a hairy chest.

Who is the girl with the short spiky hair in Twilight?

I believe you're talking about Edward's sister, Alice. She is played by Ashley Greene.

What is Edward's twilight book called?

Midnight Sun is the name of Edward Cullen's version of Twilight.

What is the correct spelling of Edward from Twilight?

Edward Cullen.

How cute is Edward off of twilight?

Edward is verycute