Does Chucky really exist

Updated: 8/30/2023
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No. There are Chucky dolls for sale, but none of them are possessed by any dead serial killers. The Child's Playmovies are 100% fictional.

Chucky himself does not exist. However, the character was inspired by an actual doll,

called Robert, who is supposed to be carrying a voodoo curse.

For more on Robert, please click the links below.

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If you mean Chucky, as in the Child's Play movies, then yes, there is such thing as Chucky.

But if you mean is Chucky real as in can an innocent doll come to life and kill you in real life, then NO he isn't real. Don't put yourself through that (thinking there is such thing as Chucky).

Child's Play is a series of Horror movies where a man possesses a random doll in a toy shop and that doll is bought by a young boy. Soon the boy realises that his favourite doll has come to life and is evil.

So, no, there is no such thing as "Chucky" in real life.

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No, Chucky is a fictional character. However people may believe as they chose and believe at one point that Chucky was real.

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Q: Does Chucky really exist
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