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The song is Boulevard Of Broken Dreams sung by Tony Bennett

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Q: Does Andy Williams sing the theme tune for the new apprentice?
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Did Andy Williams sing Born Free?


What year did Andy Williams sing Moon River?

Originally in 1961

Did Danny Williams sing moon river?

no, Andy Williams. Well.... Both Andy Williams and Danny Williams recorded Moon River at some time. In the UK, Danny's version was regarded as the definitive version and anything else was just… Las Vegas cardigan singers.

Who sing the song for the advert for six nations 2010?

The song is Happy Heart by Andy Williams. Its a real soul lifter, dont know why thou.

When did We Sing Robbie Williams happen?

We Sing Robbie Williams happened in 2010.

When was We Sing Robbie Williams created?

We Sing Robbie Williams was created on 2010-11-12.

Did china an McLain sing the doc mcstuffin theme song?

yes she do sing the theme song

Did Perry Como or Andy Williams sing Jean Jean?

Rod McKuen was nominated for the 1969 Academy Award for Best Song for "Jean" from the movie "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie". He wrote and recorded it, as did Sergio Franchi. It was a huge hit for Oliver in autumn 1969. It was never recorded by Andy Williams or Perry Como.

Who sing my world the theme song of Jeff jarrett?

who sing my world the theme song of Jeff jarrett

Who sing Andy You're a Star?

The Killers

Who will sing the national anthem in NFL Super Bowl XLVII?

Hank Williams Jr. continues to sing the theme song for Monday Night Football for the 2008-2009 football season.

Do WWE super stars sing there theme song?

They do but Its from a long list from which they choice from and they think it fits, It depends on the Gimmick. They will give you a list between 10 - 25 Songs and you picks out of those. It may not be the one you want but You will like one of those picks.