Does Amy rose of sonic have a sister?

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2009-10-08 21:25:00

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No. Amy does not have a sister.

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2009-10-08 21:25:00
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Q: Does Amy rose of sonic have a sister?
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Are Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose brother and sister?

No. Amy considers herself Sonic's girlfriend.

Are Amy Rose and Sonic the hedgehog brother and sister?

No, don't you know that Amy is inlove with sonic?

Is Amy rose in sonic x?

Amy Rose is in Sonic X.

When did Amy Rose debut?

The Sonic character Amy Rose debuted in 1993 from Sonic CD

What movie and television projects has Jennifer Douillard been in?

Jennifer Douillard has: Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure" in 1998. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Shuffle" in 2000. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure 2" in 2001. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" in 2001. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Battle" in 2003. Played Amy Rose in "Sonikku adobencha DX" in 2003. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Advance 3" in 2004.

Are Amy Rose and Shadow friends?

Yes they are brother and sister. I know that you asked who Amy Rose's friends are and they are Sonic (brother), Shadow (brother), Silver (brother), and Cream the Rabbit (looks up to her as an older sister).there not brothers and sister shadow was crieriet, sonic has 1 brother and 1 sister wich is dominic and his sister sonia. and amy is a freind and silver is also a freind. and amy dasent know shadow that mach.

Who has a crush on who in Sonic X?

Amy Rose has a crush on Sonic. :)

Is Amy rose sonic's girlfriend?

No, Amy is his declared girlfriend. But not true. But Sonic does love Amy.

Who loves Sonic?

Amy Rose loves Sonic, but nobody knows what Sonic thinks about Amy.

Is Amy rose (sonic boom ) a hedgehog or an echidna?

amy rose is an echidna.

Who likes sonic?

everyone likes sonic but mostly amy rose and sonic likes amy aswell

Why does Amy Rose love Sonic the Hedgehog?

Because Sonic saved Amy's life in Sonic CD.

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